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BioLabs 5 Steps Front Cover


White Paper: 5 Steps to a BioSafe Lab 

High-level biosafety laboratories are essential for public health, scientific research, and national biosecurity. This paper takes you through some of the key criteria to consider when designing, building and using biosafety laboratories at different levels, whether starting from scratch, or retrofitting your lab to be at a higher biosafety level than currently.


Clinical Risks Front Page


White Paper: Protecting Clinical Output from Water Risks

When lives are at stake, there is no margin for error. Your clinical analyser must receive a constant and reliable supply of CLRW* water, regardless of the quality of the feedwater available. Compliant CLRW resistivity of > 10 MΩ-cm restricts the concentration of ionic impurities to ppb levels or less, which is assisted by the removal of carbon dioxide.


Going Green Front Page White Paper


Going Green: 6 Case Studies in 1 White paper 

In our Going Green Whitepaper, we discuss the effects of environmental water pollution, including how sources of water contaminants can be monitored, understood and managed, illustrated with a number of case studies. All this environmental research relied on the availability of ultrapure lab water.


HPLC Pharma Whitepaper Front Cover


White Paper: HPLC in Pharmaceutical Analysis

This white paper highlights the challenges and solutions associated with ensuring that the correct level of water purity is used end-to-end in pharmaceutical manufacture and analysis, including how to obtain the high quality HPLC results that are critical to this process.


HPLC Drug Theropy Front Cover


White Paper: Reducing risk in HPLC / LC-MS therapeutic drug treatment and monitoring

This paper will help you to better understand the role of ultrapure water for applications of HPLC in clinical diagnostics, particularly for therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressant drugs. 


Water Wise Toolkit Pic

Water Wise Toolkit

Learn how to diagnose causes of water-related errors in HPLC, molecular biology, buffers and glassware cleaning. 




pure water guide


Pure Water Guide

Our extensive pure water guide has all the information you need to accurately and reliably choose the right pure water specification for your lab experiments.



Water Essence of the lab


White Paper: Essence of the Lab

Read our white paper and discover how you can make sure that your water supply delivers the performance you need to produce reliable and accurate results. 



Lab troubleshooting


White Paper: Tips, tricks, and solutions for cell culture, molecular biology and liquid chromatography applications

A guide to troubleshooting water problems



Pure Water for Application


Guaranteeing Ultrapure Water for Your Laboratory Application

Discover How To Guarantee Your Ultrapure Water Supply In Your Lab



elga white paper solutions


Whitepaper: Solutions Behind Great Science

With an ever-increasing requirement to improve healthcare, inform government policy and protect the environment, modern research needs to keep pushing the boundaries and the limits of analytical detection