Guaranteeing Ultrapure Water for Your Laboratory Application

Guaranteeing UltraPure Water for your Lab Application Whitepaper
Free Guide: How To Guarantee Your Ultra Pure Water Supply In The Lab

Discover How To Guarantee Your Ultrapure Water Supply In Your Lab

Water is used in the lab on a daily basis and for a wide range of applications. It is becoming increasingly important to use the highest quality of ultrapure water available for your application, to ensure that you produce consistent technical performance and reliable scientific results. 

Whatever application you are undertaking in your lab, the lack of appropriate water purity can have serious implications.

Guaranteeing Pure Water For Your Application - Download Your Copy Today

Read through our latest guide to make sure that you guarantee the correct water purity for your lab and your specific application. Each section contains methodology, results, and analysis for your reference.

Here is a taste of what you can read about....


♦ Ultrapure water for trace element analysis

Two factors are of particular importance for trace element analysis: protection of the sample from contamination and the accuracy of the measurement.

♦ Water purity for advanced chromatography applications

Organic compounds in water are likely to be the most influential water contaminant as they compete with the analyte in the mobile phase. 

♦ Effective removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from lab water

Water quality is critical when analyzing aqueous samples for VOCs as it needs to be virtually free from bacteria and organic compounds.

♦ Optimizing water for Life Science applications

Histology, immunohistochemistry, PCR, in-vitro fertilization etc. require water virtually free from biologically active species.

♦ Endocrine disruptors and Phthalates

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) makes use of ultrapure water throughout the analytical process. It needs to be free from EDCs to ensure no background noise or false positives.


All of the applications highlighted in the guide demonstrate a requirement for high-quality, ultrapure water with low traces of both organic and inorganic species. An overview of some of the technologies that ELGA systems adopt can also be read up on.

It is important that you are sure that the water that you are using is as pure as you think that it is. Want advice from our team of experts? Get in touch with us today.

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