Water Purification Systems for Healthcare Applications

Biopure water minimizes the contamination risk to patients

What is Biopurity?

Our BIOPURE range purifies tap water to the purity essential to meet the demands of the latest medical standards:
EN15883, HTM2030/2031, NHS MESc32, MDA/HIS, ISO 15883 Part 4, EN285

Typical BIOPURE water quality specifications are:
- Bacteria total viable count of <10 CFU/100ml
- Endotoxin levels of <0.25 EU/ml
- Conductivity of <30 μS/cm

Water quality is maintained by:
- Regularly sanitizing and validating rinse-water systems to ensure they continue to meet the water specification
- Routinely taking water samples to demonstrate compliance

These water quality guidelines and standards serve to minimize the risk of cross infection to patients from a range of infectious pathogens.