Case Studies

We know it is important for you to validate whether we can deliver what we say we can.

We know it is important for you to validate whether we can deliver what we say we can. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of our case studies and then get in touch with us.

MEDICA® Pro selected for Siemens ADVIA® analyzers at City General Hospital
A unique MEDICA® Pro duplex system was developed in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics for the new biochemistry laboratory at City General Hospital.
DASA: The biggest medical diagnostics company in Brazil
DASA is the largest medical diagnostic company in Latin America, fifth largest in the world with 321 branches across Brazil catering for 55,000 patients daily and processing more than 10 million tests each month.
Abbott Laboratories, South Asia
South Asia is a challenging environment for clinical laboratory equipment manufacturers, with a wide range of local market structures spread across a large geographical area.
Antarctica exploration
Antarctica is one of the few pristine environments remaining on the planet. Studies in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are critically important to our understanding of global climate and environmental variability.
Olsberg Vocational College - PURELAB flex
Olsberg Vocational College uses state-of-the-art equipment to train their students to become biological technical and chemical technical assistants, including PURELAB flex.
NeoDIN Medical Institute - MEDICA Pro 120 Installation
Immune-serology laboratories often process large number of samples and require consistent ultrapure water (Type 1 Water) delivered to connected analyzers. Following negative experiences with the previous supplier, South Korean based distributors JM Corporation were contacted to offer an alternative solution with the ELGA LabWater MEDICA® Pro 120.
Advancing Genetic Technologies
Keeping your community safe: How ultrapure water helps researchers at the University of Leipzig support the important work of police and prosecutors in criminal cases
front cover half
ELGA & LS Scientific recently embarked on an innovative project to deliver continuous and reliable supply of Ultrapure water to The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) for use in their laboratory
Lifebrain Case Study Cropped Front Cover
The Lifebrain Group, a medical diagnostic laboratory group, is one of the largest providers of clinical laboratory tests in Europe.
The need to guarantee delivery of ultrapure type 1+ water reliably and consistently is ever increasing as new analytical techniques and applications evolve with lower detection limits. Research and development laboratories require a constant source of high purity water to ensure the accuracy of results in their workflow