Case Studies

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Argenta approached distributor DKSH New Zealand looking for a solution to support their Ultrapure water for HPLC needs.
Lifebrain Case Study Cropped Front Cover
The Lifebrain Group, a medical diagnostic laboratory group, is one of the largest providers of clinical laboratory tests in Europe.
Case Study Italy
The mission of the Fondazione Telethon is to provide treatments for people affected by rare genetic conditions.
NeoDIN Medical Institute - MEDICA Pro 120 Installation
Immune-serology laboratories often process large number of samples and require consistent ultrapure water (Type 1 Water) delivered to connected analyzers. Following negative experiences with the previous supplier, South Korean based distributors JM Corporation were contacted to offer an alternative solution with the ELGA LabWater MEDICA® Pro 120.
Advancing Genetic Technologies
Keeping your community safe: How ultrapure water helps researchers at the University of Leipzig support the important work of police and prosecutors in criminal cases
Clean Water for a Clean Future
Clean water for a clean future: How ultrapure is helping with the exciting work on water decontamination at the University of Manchester.
Powering Cutting-Edge Gene Research
Powering cutting edge gene research:  Using next-generation sequencing technologies to investigate chronic diseases at Yamaguchi University Institute of Gene Research
Researching effective new ways to prevent cardiovascular disease at the University of Columbia
Scientists at the University of Columbia in New York are studying the regulation of cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the bloodstream, which could lead to effective new ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.
Antarctica exploration
Antarctica is one of the few pristine environments remaining on the planet. Studies in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are critically important to our understanding of global climate and environmental variability.
DASA is the largest medical diagnostic company in Latin America, fifth largest in the world with 321 branches across Brazil catering for 55,000 patients daily and processing more than 10 million tests each month.