Case Studies

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PURELAB® Option R Guarantees Pure Water for Leading Microfluidics Technology
Microfluidics studies how the behaviour of fluids at a microscale change, to enable control and manipulation of fluids in nano and picoliter ranges.
City General Hospital - Biochemistry lab
A unique MEDICA® Pro duplex system was developed in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics for the new biochemistry laboratory at City General Hospital.
ELGA Lab Water and Beckman Coulter join forces
Tameside Hospital's blood sciences department rely on their analysers to operate reliably and with minimum downtime to deliver vital services to the hospital.
Applied New Technologies Department Improves ICP, IC & HPLC Sample Turnaround Times with PURELAB®
ILK Dresden is a research and development company specialising in air handling and refrigeration technologies.
Critital Tests Benefit from PURELAB® Option Reliable Pure Water
The Molecular Genetics laboratory at Sheffield Children's hospital handles over 9000 samples a year, carrying out over half a million tests, including DNA isolation, PCR, DNA sequencing and SNP analysis - meaning pure water is essential.
Advancing decontamination in dental practices
The dental clinic at Aldershot Centre for Health, overseen by Surrey PCT and Hampshire NHS Trust, identified a need to move away from from bottled pure water to increase quality for their ultrasonic baths and sterilisers. Installing the ELGA BIOPURE 15 system on site resolved the problems faced with bottled water by supplying a reliable constant source of ultra-pure water.
Beam Me Up, Scotty: PURELAB® Option Q
Diamond Light Source, situated in Oxford, UK has over 60 laboratories and to meet the wide range of user applications, 20 ELGA PURELAB® Option-Q water purification systems were required to meet the demanding specific water quality standards.
The need to guarantee delivery of ultrapure type 1+ water reliably and consistently is ever increasing as new analytical techniques and applications evolve with lower detection limits. Research and development laboratories require a constant source of high purity water to ensure the accuracy of results in their workflow
Abbott Laboratories, South Asia
South Asia is a challenging environment for clinical laboratory equipment manufacturers, with a wide range of local market structures spread across a large geographical area.