Clean Water for a Clean Future with PURELAB Quest

University of Manchester
United Kingdom

clean quest case studyClean water for a clean future: How ultrapure is helping with the exciting work on water decontamination at the University of Manchester.

High quality ultrapure is a critical reagent in a number of laboratory techniques including:

- The development of graphene-based membranes for cleaning up contaminated industrial water

Scientists at the Department of Chemical Engineering & Analytical Science at the National Graphene Institute (NGI)- University of Manchester are developing a range of applications including the development of graphene-based membrane for water filtration and other projects.

This case study covers:

- The research work into various molecular separation techniques such as forward/reverse osmosis which is used to study the performance of  graphene based membrane
- The challenges the team faced in the past due to unreliable source of ultrapure water
- The benefits of using water from PURELAB® Quest

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