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This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the America Invents Act and to provide notice under 35 U.S.C. Section 287 (a) of the patent laws of the United States of America and notice under Section 62 (1) of UK Patents Act.

The patents in the following list may cover one or more of the products indicated.

While every effort is made to ensure completeness, due to the dynamic nature of the patent process and the product life cycles, the list may not be all-inclusive at the time you visit it.

Other of our products may be associated with one or more patents in the list, and other of our patents may be associated with one or more products in the list.

The absence of any patent or product from this list does not preclude enforcement of our legal rights.

Patent Product Range
CN102177097B PURELAB flex range
CN102203016B PURELAB Chorus range
CN102203016B PURELAB flex range
DE19982837 Medica PRO range
DE19982837 Medica range
DE19982837 WPS
EC001683277 PURELAB flex range
EP1299312B PURELAB Chorus range
EP1299312B PURELAB Option range
EP1299312B PURELAB Pulse
EP1483208B PURELAB Chorus range
EP1483208B PURELAB Classic range
EP1483208B PURELAB flex range
EP1483208B Medica range
EP1483208B PURELAB Ultra range
EP1919830B PURELAB Ultra range
EP2356075B PURELAB Chorus range
EP2356075B PURELAB flex range
EP2356076B PURELAB flex range
EP2361156B PURELAB Chorus range
EP2361156B PURELAB flex range
EP2861534B PURELAB flex range
GB2311999B PURELAB Option range
GB2349648B Medica PRO range
GB2349648B Medica range
GB2349648B WPS
GB2406334B Biopure range
GB2406334B Centra range
GB2406334B Medica PRO range
GB2406334B Medica range
GB2406334B PURELAB 3000/7000
GB2503107B PURELAB flex range
IN288104 PURELAB flex range
IN288766 PURELAB Chorus range
IN288766 PURELAB flex range
JP5444572 PURELAB Chorus range
JP5444572 PURELAB flex range
JP5569754 PURELAB Chorus range
JP5569754 PURELAB flex range
UK Reg Des 2096922 LA620
UK Reg Des 2096923 LA621
US6402917 Medica PRO range
US6402917 Medica range
US6402917 WPS
US7279083 PURELAB Chorus range
US7279083 PURELAB Option range
US7279083 PURELAB Pulse
US7578416 PURELAB Ultra range
US7790022 PURELAB Chorus range
US7790022 PURELAB Classic range
US7790022 PURELAB flex range
US7790022 Medica range
US7790022 PURELAB Ultra range
US7796011 Biopure range
US7796011 Centra range
US7796011 Medica PRO range
US7796011 Medica range
US7796011 PURELAB 3000/7000
US7938909 Biopure range
US8257595 PURELAB Ultra range
US8883000 PURELAB Chorus range
US8883000 PURELAB flex range
US8888923 PURELAB flex range
US9096445 PURELAB Chorus range
US9096445 PURELAB flex range
US9611160 Medica Biox
US9665852 WPS
USD647171 PURELAB flex range
USD672008 PURELAB Chorus range
USD672008 PURELAB flex range

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