Impurities In Water

Verunreinigungen im Wasser

All laboratory water is initially sourced from a potable water supply, however, this water can contain many substances either in solution or in suspension which can impact and distort scientific data.

These contaminants have the potential to negatively impact on any number of scientific applications. Natural and drinking water contain a number of impurities which will be highlighted in this section of the site.

When it comes to your water purification system, it is important to know both your application and impurities are, as well as the state of your feedwater. If your feedwater is high in carbon dioxide then you may need an extra degasser module with your system; harder water areas may also require additional consumables for more effective running of your systems. Make sure that you know before you start looking to buy your next water purification system.

Unlike laboratory water from a potable water supply, ELGA LabWater has designed innovative water purification systems that guarantee ultrapure water for your laboratory’s needs.