ELGA LabWater Helps Immuneserology Laboratories Maximize Uptime

NeoDIN Medical Institute
South Korea

ELGA Immunity

Immune-serology Laboratories Require Consistent Ultrapure Water

Immune-serology laboratories often process large number of samples and require consistent ultrapure water (Type 1 Water) delivered to connected analyzers. Following negative experiences with the previous supplier, South Korean based distributors JM Corporation were contacted to offer an alternative solution with the ELGA LabWater MEDICA® Pro 120.


NeoDIN Medical Institute in South Korea is a medical science laboratory which provides laboratory test services to clinics, hospitals and research centers nationwide. Their chemistry and immune-serology laboratories process between 7000 and 8000 samples per day sent by small and medium-sized clinics across Korea. Serology is the examination of the blood to determine the presence of antibodies in the serum which typically forms in response to an infection against a particular microorganism. Immune-serology laboratories require Type 1 Ultrapure water to ensure no contamination of samples occurs which may alter the results. 

Type 1 Ultrapure Water Ensures Analyzer Operates Reliably

With the large number of patient samples processed daily, it was vital that the analyzers at NeoDIN’s facilities operate rapidly, reliably and with maximum uptime. The number of analyzers required by the department increased, relative to the growing demands of tests, with the analyzers requiring around 100 liters per hour of bacteria free high purity water.

Issues with service and performance required NeoDIN to identify a new partner to meet the high performance and service standards required. JM Corporation, ELGA’s South Korean partner assessed the customer needs and worked with a leading global clinical diagnostics analyzer company to provide a solution for the client. An important factor in the reliability of the analyzers is the quality of water that is required, and so the total availability and the consistent water quality meeting Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) standards had to be met.

The Ultrapure Water Solution From ELGA LabWater

JM Corporation installed four MEDICA® Pro 120 water purification systems which were each connected to analyzers to provide the highest water purity meeting CLSI Type I clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) quality standards. The units were centralized in one specific area and configured to provide a remote sound and visual alarm system to alert the maintenance technical personnel across the large laboratory testing area in the event of a system failure or of any maintenance requirements.

The MEDICA PRO 120 water purification systems combine reverse osmosis, ion exchange, UV and ultrafiltration and deliver up to 120 liters of bacteria free, high purity water per hour, meeting Type 1 CLSI and CLRW quality standards, and meeting the initial system requirements of the laboratory. Each of the MEDICA units can supply sufficient water for the analyzers while being connected to each other for loop sanitization and servicing, without affecting and interrupting any operations.

Installation Of Water Purification Systems With Minimum Disruption

The installation of the water purification systems was achieved with minimum disruption to the staff and users of the laboratory. In addition, an increase in laboratory space was possible due to the compact solution provided leading to a more efficient running process. Following the installation, the excellent after service further confirmed ELGA LabWater as a reliable company for clinical analyzer installations.

Building on the established relationship, JM Corporation successfully completed the installation of a further four MEDICA Pro 120 units, ensuring the consistent delivery of high quality purified water to meet the demands of a growing immune-serology laboratory. The water quality is maintained at all times due to recirculation capabilities of the units, with the overall maintenance time of the staff reduced to focus on sample analysis. Overall, the installation was completed on time and with the satisfaction and approval of the NeoDIN staff.

Key Benefits of Installing an ELGA Water Purification System

  • Reduced maintenance 
  • Increased reliability 
  • Visual remote alert system 
  • Time saving

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