MEDICA® Pro EDI 60/120

MEDICA® Pro EDI 60/120 - High volume and high purity for high usage with more predictable running costs.

MEDICA Pro EDI 60/120

Predictable Running Costs At Higher Volumes

The MEDICA Pro range is specifically designed to meet the water quality needs of high performance, high volume single or multiple Clinical Diagnostic Analyzers. The MEDICA Pro EDI incorporates EDI ‘Pulse Technology’ using Electrodeionization (EDI). The system delivers 4 l/min of CLSI CLRW water with up to 60 or 120 l/hr productivity to meet your analyzer requirements. The single system design incorporates all the water purification components plus a 50-liter storage reservoir to ensure a very quick and cost-effective installation.

  • Space-saving – ‘all in one’ design allows easy under-bench installation and flexibility for future relocation as the laboratory grows
  • Economy – incorporates ‘Pulse Technology’ using Electrodeionization (EDI) to ensure fixed and predictable running costs
  • Guaranteed performance at all times – self-monitoring software with built-in emergency by-pass allows uninterrupted operation 24 hours per day
  • Guaranteed bacterial specification – onboard technology combined with easy system sanitization ensures a specification of <1 CFU/ml
  • Upgradeable configuration – from 60 l/hr up to 120 l/hr production rate, to grow as your laboratory demands increase



  1. Built-in variable speed recirculation pump • Keeps stored pure water ready for immediate delivery to analysers at up to 4 liters/min
  2. Economic design • Unique wrap-around reservoir • Easy access doors and castors enables the system to be installed under bench
  3. High capacity Protek Pre-treatment cartridge • Allows for operation on more challenging feedwater
  4. Integral break tank • Complies with “class A” air gap requirements
  5. Sanitization • Designed to run quickly and easily
  6. Unique system operation protection • Automated alarms • Access to important control systems limited by “E-key”
  7. DI Cartridge and Conditioning Cartridge • The Conditioning Cartridge softens the water feeding the EDI technology
  8. Integral 0.05 μm ultrafiltration filter • Exceeds CLRW particulate specification
  9. Re-circulating UV • Ensures the highest quality microbial quality • Avoids bacterial alkaline phosphatase
  10. Economic purity • Degassing system increases the capacity of the DI cartridge
  11. EDI technology: • Can reduce the cost of ownership when high volumes of water are required

Ideally suited for: 

• Large clinical analyzers or linked multiple analyzers requiring up to 120 liters/hr and an instantaneous demand of up to 4 liters/min
• Automated analyzer platforms that use a mix of technologies, e.g. combining chemistry and immunoassays

Suitable Applications
Product SpecificationsMEDICA Pro EDI 60MEDICA Pro EDI 120
Dispense flowrate 60 l/hr 120 l/hr
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) >10 MΩ.cm >10 MΩ.cm
Organics (TOC) <30 ppb <30 ppb
Bacteria <1 CFU/ml * <1 CFU/ml *
Particles 0.05 μm filter 0.05 μm filter
Silica <0.05 mg/l <0.05 mg/l
Delivery flow rate Up to 4 l/min @ 14psi (1bar) Up to 4 l/min @ 14psi (1bar)

*Subject to correct operating and maintenance procedures.

Installation of a MEDICA Pro EDI unit requires a starter kit, please order either LC237 or LC238.

DI pack render image
DI Pack
Part Number
Life expectancy
12 months
Impact of Overuse

Weakly bound ions are released back into the water reducing resistivity

EDI Stack
EDI Stack
Part Number
LC219 or LC220
Life expectancy
4-5 years
Impact of Overuse

Ions will remain in the water

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  • Expertise We have installed thousands of water purification systems globally, and our service engineers will apply their expertise to the installation, validation, and maintenance of your system
  • Service Excellence Every MEDICA comes complete with one extra feature – First class service and support wherever you are in the world
  • Training “Hands-on” operation training is arranged to ensure optimal system performance and minimize the risk of an interrupted workflow