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What is the importance of CLRW grade water to clinical analysis?

Poor water quality affects the tests themselves and impacts on all aspects of analyser operation. Good water purification system design including recirculation, is the key to long-term bacterial control. Bacterial contamination has serious implications for the operation of analysers. It is important to ensure they are consistently low in the feedwater.

How pure is pure water?

When lives are at stake, there is no margin for error. Your clinical analyser must receive a constant and reliable supply of CLRW* water, regardless of the quality of the feedwater available. Compliant CLRW resistivity of > 10 MΩ-cm restricts the concentration of ionic impurities to ppb levels or less, which is assisted by the removal of carbon dioxide.

What is water used for in clinical analyser processes?

Water is used in virtually all aspects of clinical analyser processes:

  • Washing reaction cuvettes
  • Feeding wash stations for probes and stirrer paddles
  • Diluting reagents, samples and detergents
  • Incubator baths
  • As an interface between syringe and sample

Does impure water impact the end user?

Yes, the impact of using impure water is lengthy and expensive downtime of your clinical analyser for cleaning and the potential need to replace parts.

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Impure water and end user impact

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The MEDICA range ensures bacterial control and optimal purity, as well as an uninterrupted workflow. Built-in technology results in predictable, low consumable and running costs with the highest water quality. All MEDICA units have a bypass loop which continues to provide compliant water to the analyzer in emergency situations.


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