Pure Water for Ultra-Trace PFAS Determinations

Download Whitepaper: Pure Water for Ultra-Trace PFAS Determinations

Gain insight into PFAS, PFAS testing methodologies, water purification design considerations and required technologies for PFAS analysis.

PFAS are the chemicals of the moment, used to create products such as nonstick cookware, food containers, and cleaning products and within industrial production facilities. Once a useful aid to modern life, these man-made chemicals are now a ubiquitous environmental pollutant, widely distributed across the globe through water and air movement, within plants and animals. They can even be found in our drinking water and food.

What’s inside?

This whitepaper will cover:

  • PFAS testing and major methodologies: The requirement to determine PFAS at lower and lower levels will inevitably increase substantially in the coming years, along with upcoming restrictions and regulations. We take a look the major "official" testing methodologies established to date.

  • Water purification design considerations when undertaking PFAS analysis: Ultrapure water used for PFAS analysis is generated by purification of potable municipal water, which contains PFAS at concentrations much higher than which is required for testing levels. Here we discuss the importance of the ultrapure water generation process for removing contaminants in preparation of PFAS analysis. 

  • Purification technologies for PFAS treatment: To achieve the very low levels of PFAS contaminants required, a combination of different purification technologies and the protection and recirculation of the water produced is essential. The main relevant technologies are summarised.

  • Example determinations: The whitepaper closes with example determinations of PFOA, PFOS and PFHxS in ultra pure water using ELGA’s PURELAB Ultra and PURELAB Chorus 1 water purification systems.

Extremely pure water from a water purification system designed to remove PFAS is critical to allow reliable determination

Pure Water for Ultra-Trace PFAS Determinations Whitepaper


Download Whitepaper: Pure Water for Ultra-Trace PFAS Determinations


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