6 Jul 2016
Running a super green lab
Be a superhero of the lab. When running a super green lab make sure you are sensitive to environmental requirements as well as cost & energy efficiencies.
ELGA Veolia
28 Jun 2016
Water purity
Everything you need to know about water in the laboratory
by Ian
Water is the most important reagent in the lab but few understand the type of contaminants that can be present. Read our blog about water in the laboratory.
ELGA Veolia
1 Jun 2016
Climate Change
The unexpected link between amino acids and Antarctic air
Pristine conditions of Antarctica make it an excellent natural lab. Read how an Italian team investigate the links between amino acids and Antarctic air.
ELGA Veolia
29 Mar 2016
Water purity
How is water purity tested?
by Ian
You use water for your experiments every day, but how much confidence do you have in its purity? Read this blog to find out how water purity is tested.
ELGA Veolia
23 Mar 2016
Life in the Lab
Extractables and leachables: an ultrapure water requirement
Guest blogger Dr Paul Whitehead investigates the testing of extractables and leachables and why ultrapure water is required to ensure ultimate quality.
Extractables and leachables
25 Feb 2016
Solution behind Great Science
The role of purified water in Solid Phase Extraction
Find our more on how pure water in solid phase extraction is the key to success with the latest from our guest blogger Dr Paul Whitehead.
ELGA Veolia
17 Feb 2016
Going Green
Is bioremediation the solution to cleaning up large-scale pollution?
Large-scale pollution is a big worry for industry & different approaches need to be taken to clean up these incidents. Is bioremediation the solution?
17 Dec 2015
Microorganism contamination: the end of the road?
by Ian
Everything that you need to know about the microorganism that might be contaminating your pure lab water and ruining your experiments. Find out more here.
ELGA Veolia