28 Sep 2017
Water purity
Microbeads: the tiny plastics creating big problems
Microbeads have featured in the news a lot recently, with reports suggesting New Zealand will be the latest country to consider a ban on their use in cosmetics. But what are they, and why are they being banned?
Plastic Microbeads Contaminating Water Supplies
17 Aug 2017
Fighting doping in sport: the importance of ultrapure water for drug testing

Sport is not always a level playing field because some athletes take illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Such “doping” can not only give athletes advantages over others and potentially impact upon the reputation of sport, but it can also carry serious health risks.

Blood Testing
8 Aug 2017
What’s the Future of Pharma?

The pharmaceutical industry has been in something of a state of flux over the past decade. New business models, regulatory changes, healthcare challenges (such as an aging population), and growing demand in emerging markets, are all shaping the direction of travel.