12 Dec 2017
Purified Water Is Key in Pharmaceutical Quality Control Testing

The Importance of Using Purified Water in Pharmaceutical Quality Control Testing

When you are prescribed a new medicine, you instinctively trust that it’s not only effective but also safe.

ELGA Veolia
8 Dec 2017
Life in The Lab
The Analytical Chemistry of Wine!

The Use of Analytical Chemistry In Winemaking

Wine (from Latin vinum) is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes. Grapes ferment without the addition of acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients as yeast consumes some of the sugar in the grapes and turns it to ethanol and carbon dioxide.

ELGA Veolia
5 Dec 2017
Clinical Diagnostics
The power of purified water in clinical diagnostic testing

Detecting cancer with a drop of pure water

Did you know that we can now detect cancer using a drop of pure water? And that water quality can influence the development of novel medicines? We at ELGA LabWater have been amazed to discover just how important pure water is in clinical diagnostics.

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1 Dec 2017
Life in The Lab
Uncovering the Cost of Coffee Cravings at ELGA LabWater & Beyond
Following on from ELGA Labwater's previous posts about coffee, we thought we'd dive a little deeper in to the use of water in coffee production
ELGA LabWater Coffee
28 Nov 2017
The Solution Behind Great Science
What is the BEST type of water?

I thought that blog readers should be among the first to be aware of a new type of water recently mentioned in the New Scientist – Sexy Water. This was spotted at the Perth Garden Festival. It is a brand name for water that is “hydrogen-rich, micro-clustered and electrolysed reduced”.

ELGA Veolia
21 Nov 2017
Water in Everyday Life
Food for thought: pursuing sustainable water use in agriculture

The food we need to survive mainly comes from the agricultural production of crops and livestock. Reliable freshwater supplies are essential for growing this food, especially in arid regions. This demand will only continue to increase as the world’s population rises.

ELGA Veolia
14 Nov 2017
Ultrapure Water In Action
Extreme sampling: Investigating climate change in the Antarctic

Given our ever-changing environment, it is important that we seek to better understand earlier environmental conditions as this will allow us to more accurately assess the impact of human activities on the ecosystem.

ELGA Veolia
9 Nov 2017
Science of the Future
Three thrilling science discoveries of 2017

Breakthrough scientific research currently abounds, much of which will have an impact on our lives. In this blog, we highlight three potentially life-changing discoveries of 2017.

ELGA Veolia