8 Oct 2015
Science of the Future
Out of this world....Again
To commemorate World Space Week we wanted to recap on our "Out of this World" blog series on the various discoveries of water in the universe. Catch up here.
ELGA Veolia
5 Oct 2015
Life in the Lab
What everyone should know before buying a water purification system
Thinking about buying a water purification system for your lab? Check out our blog with the top 4 questions you should consider before making that purchase.
ELGA Veolia
1 Oct 2015
Improbable Water Heroes
Improbable Water Heroes: Part 3
It's that time of year where we pay tribute to the most unlikely water heroes of 2015. Here are the latest water-based research from the Ig Nobel prize winners.
ELGA Veolia
28 Sep 2015
Climate Change
Water for life decade: how did we do?
Water is essential for life: we need to safeguard this resource to ensure safe & clean water for all. So at the end of Water for Life Decade, how did we do?
ELGA Veolia
22 Sep 2015
Life in the Lab
Running Costs, Uptime, or Unit Cost: which should be the deciding factor?
Choosing a water purification system for your clinical systems can be tricky, but which is the most considered factor: running costs, uptime or unit cost?
ELGA Veolia
10 Sep 2015
Cool Science
The six best water videos you've probably never seen
Water is wonderful so we thought we would share some exciting water videos to prove just how truly magnificent the science of water really is.
ELGA Veolia
4 Sep 2015
Solution behind Great Science
From plastics to patients: understanding the impact of EDCs
The final blog in the Solutions Behind Great Science series looks into the impact of EDCs and the improvement of detection in human samples using LC-MS/MS.
ELGA Veolia
26 Aug 2015
Water purity
Tips to ensure your PhD benefits from PHD (Perfect Hydro Decontamination)
Ensure you get the best from your lab water purification system with our handy guide ensuring your Perfect Hydro Decontamination unit is fully operational.
ELGA Veolia