10 Nov 2016
Water purity
Effects of drinking water on water purification units
Dr P. Whitehead looks into the effects of drinking water on water purification units. Can where you live and drinking standards impact unit performance?
ELGA Veolia
26 Oct 2016
Water purity
What you are allowed to drink depends on where you live!
Dr Paul Whitehead delves into the global drinking water standards to investigate how they can have significant impacts on your water purification system.
ELGA Veolia
12 Oct 2016
Water purity
Consistency is key to reliable results
Dr Paul Whitehead continues the series on reliable results of experiments by looking to ensure that your water is pure. Consistency is key!
ELGA Veolia
29 Sep 2016
Water in everyday life
The best water for coffee?
Ever stopped to think how water can impact on the flavour of a coffee? Check out Dr Paul Whitehead's blog on the best water for coffee and discover how!
The best water for coffee?
13 Sep 2016
Solution behind Great Science
Minimizing contamination during sample preparation for trace analysis
How can you go about minimizing contamination during sample preparation, as it is one of the biggest source of errors in trace analysis? Read this blog.
ELGA Veolia
7 Sep 2016
Climate Change
The solution to pollution is not always dilution
Waste materials pose an ever greater threat to our environment but the solution to pollution may need to be rather more innovative than before.
Clinical Biochemistry
20 Jul 2016
Water purity
Two key recommendations for purifying your laboratory water
by Ian
The type of purity required depends on the application the water is for; save money by choosing the right type. Make sure your laboratory water is suitable.
ELGA Veolia
12 Jul 2016
Cool Science
De-extinction and the science behind it
Did you know that de-extinction actually exists? It's the process where species & organisms that were once extinct are brought back to life. Read our blog!
ELGA Veolia