ELGA's History

Celebrating 80 years of water purification.
ELGA LabWater - Company History

We can say that we officially know water. 

ELGA was founded in 1937 by Walter Lorch and originally manufactured small domestic electrical appliances. Driven by problems of limescale in steam irons caused by hard water, the company moved to water purification systems. Though distillation was at the forefront of water purification limitations of the technology provided a driver for change. Lorch’s invented & developed deionizer had great potential in other applications, notably research labs.

The company is proud of its long-standing history and decades of product development. We continue to resource science and healthcare markets in support of creating a better world.

2017: Introducing the complete PURELAB family

In March 2017, the complete range of PURELAB was introduced for the research and life science market. The full line-up includes PURELAB Chorus, PURELAB flex and PURELAB Classic.

2011: Award-winning PURELAB flex is launched

The multi award-winning PURELAB flex 3&4 was launched in 2011, joining the PURELAB flex 1&2 launched in 2009.  Among the awards are: Red Dot, dBA Design Effectiveness, Materials Innovation Gold, and Industrial Product Design Gold.

2003: Launch of the first packaged centralized system

CENTRA® was launched in 2003 and was the first packaged centralized system for laboratory water purification. The product won the Industrial Product Design Award in 2004.

2000: ELGA becomes incorporated into the Veolia family

ELGA became part of what was originally Vivendi Water Systems Limited in 2000. It was later rebranded to Veolia Water Systems LTD, part of the Veolia Group, in 2003.

1998: Introduction of recirculating EDI

ELGA introduces recirculating EDI which extends the life of the EDI stack. The technology was first used in the PURELAB Option-E5; it is now being used in our latest PURELAB Chorus 2+ and in our MEDICA EDI products.

1995: MEDICA® is introduced to the clinical diagnostic market

The first water purification product specifically designed for the clinical diagnostic market is introduced as the MEDICA®

1992: PureSure® method is introduced

The PureSure® method is a twin-bed ion-exchange process with interstage resistivity monitoring, which allows the retention of any impurity released during exhaustion by a primary cartridge by the secondary cartridge. This patented solution was introduced in 1992 for improved reliability of water purity. Real-time TOC monitoring is also introduced.

1990: First small-box UV photo oxidation laboratory water purification system

ELGA produced the first small-box UV photo oxidation laboratory water purification system.

1986: ELGA receives its very first patent for water purification apparatus

ELGA receives its very first patent for water purification apparatus including ion exchange resins and technology.

1979: The Lorch Foundation was set up

ELGA established the School of Water Sciences, where Walter Lorch published "The Handbook of Water Purification". The Lorch Foundation was set up to support, encourage and maintain the future studies of students interested in water treatment sciences. The Foundation provided a forum for a wide variety of seminars and meetings.

1960: Development of products aimed at laboratories

ELGA collaborated with London School of Pharmacy to develop products aimed at the hospital market, laboratories and general industry.

Early products include a two-bed desionizer (Elgamat Duo), the first disposable deionization resin container (Elgacan), the Elgastat Robot to provide water for washing semi-conductors, and mixed-bed deionizers (Elgamat Mono). 

1959: Company expansion and move to Lane End

The company moved to Lane End, Buckinghamshire (UK) to expand production. 

1955: Lorch takes interest in the limescale build-up

Lorch takes interest in the limescale build-up when electric steam irons are filled with hard water and invented a cartridge-type deionizer. The "Top-it-up" was introduced in 1955 to purify tap water for irons, featuring ion-exchange resins which extend the lifetime of the irons.

1937: Founded in 1937

Founded in 1937 by Walter Lorch, ELGA Product Ltd was registered in the City of London on 14th May. The original intention of the company was to import domestic electrical appliances from Germany and sell them in the UK.