PURELAB® flex 1 & 2

PURELAB® flex 3 & 4
PURELAB® flex 3 & 4

The PURELAB flex is designed for the laboratory of today. It is designed to deliver accuracy, flexibility and ease-of-use.

PURELAB flex 1 is designed to dispense water when it is connected to a reservoir or distribution loop.

The award-winning PURELAB flex 2 system provides perfect water purity for analytical and life science applications which require RO type III water up to ultrapure type I (18.2 MΩ.cm) water. It allows focus on routine test work without concern about the water quality affecting test results.

Tech Specs
Product Specifications PURELAB flex 1 PURELAB flex 1 (with purification pack) PURELAB flex 2
Dispense flowrate Up to 2.0 l/min Up to 2.0 l/min Up to 2.0 l/min
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) As per feedwater 18.2 MΩ.cm 18.2 MΩ.cm
Organics (TOC) Dependant on feedwater Dependant on feedwater <5 ppb
Bacteria <0.1 CFU/ml <0.1 CFU/ml <0.1 CFU/ml
Bacterial endotoxin N/A <0.001 EU/ml <0.001 EU/ml
pH Effectively neutral Effectively neutral Effectively neutral
Silica <2 ppm <2 ppm <2 ppm
DNase N/A N/A <20 pg/ml
RNase N/A N/A <0.002 ng/ml
Daily usage (max) 100 l/day 100 l/day 100 l/day
Daily usage (min) 1 l/day 1 l/day 10 l/day
Delivery flow rate Up to 2 l/min Up to 2 l/min Up to 2 l/min
Case studies
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Elga -purelab FLEX is very good for milli water use for different applications like molecular biology or microbiology as well as analytical chemistry. Its very user friendly, and 0 to 7 ltr filled within 10-15 minutes.

DI pack render image
DI Pack
Part Number
Life expectancy
12 months
Impact of Overuse

Weakly bound ions are released back into the water reducing resistivity

POU filter
Point-of-use Filter
Part Number
Life expectancy
3 months
Impact of Overuse

Potential recontamination of purified water and reduced flow rates

UV Light render image
UV Light
Part Number
Life expectancy
12-18 months
Impurities Removed
Impact of Overuse

Uncontrolled bacterial contamination and TOC levels are not reduced

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