MEDICA R-200 features a unique, award-winning design incorporating a very high output water purification system, large 350 liter storage reservoir and distribution loop pump. By integrating the reservoir and water purification components into one compact system the MEDICA R-200 is very cost-effective to install and maintain on a loop system.

  • Compatible with multiple and large clinical diagnostic analyzers which require up to 21 liters per minute of CLRW standard water
  • Can feed multiple analyzers on a distribution loop and across several laboratories
  • A bypass loop for continual supply of compliant water in emergency situations.
  • Compact footprint due to its integrated wrap around 350 liter reservoir.
  • Low running and consumable costs
  • Single system design makes it easy to project plan and install
  • Full service and validation support
Suitable Applications
Tech Specs
Product Specifications MEDICA R200
Dispense flowrate
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) >10 MΩ.cm
Organics (TOC) <30 ppb
Bacteria <10 CFU/ml
Bacterial endotoxin
Particles 0.2 μm filter
Silica <0.05 mg/l
Daily usage (max)
Daily usage (min)
Delivery flow rate 18-21 l/min
Composite Vent Filter
Composite Vent Filter
Part Number
Life expectancy
12 months
Impurities Removed
Impact of Overuse

Increase in airborne contaminants and potential recontamination of purified water

Pre-treatment pack render image
Part Number
Life expectancy
6 months
Impact of Overuse

Chlorine, chloramine and organics remain, increasing the burden on downstream consumables which will need more frequent and expensive changes

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis Module
Part Number
Life expectancy
24-36 months
Impact of Overuse

High levels of organics and inorganics remain in the water reducing the functional life of the DI pack

Ultra-micron filter
Ultra-micron filter
Part Number
Life expectancy
14 months
Impact of Overuse

Reduced flow-rates and bacterial specification will not be maintained

UV Light render image
UV Light
Part Number
Life expectancy
12-18 months
Impact of Overuse

Uncontrolled bacterial contamination and TOC levels are not reduced