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19 Feb 2020
Woman checking blood sugar level by glucometer and test stripe at home
18 Feb 2020
Environment & Sustainability, Water Purity
Microbeads: The Tiny Plastics Creating Big Problems
Natasha Zarach
Microbeads have featured in the news a lot recently, with reports suggesting New Zealand will be the latest country to consider a ban on their use in cosmetics. But what are they, and why are they being banned?
Young woman cleaning microplastics from sand on the beach - Environmental problem, pollution and ecolosystem warning
4 Feb 2020
Cool Science
Water Myths Busted
Natasha Zarach
We love water, but people often 'facts' about water that are just plain wrong. Check out our blog on busting some of the more stubborn water myths.
Child drinking water to be healthy
3 Feb 2020
Life in The Lab
Top 10 Lab Fears
Natasha Zarach
There are a number of worries we've all suffered from when working in the lab! Here are our favourite top 10 lab fears. What are yours?
Middle age senior hoary professional man wearing white coat over isolated background tired rubbing nose and eyes feeling fatigue and headache. Stress and frustration concept