Quest Case Study - University of Leipzig

Keeping your Community Safe Case Study ELGA LabWater Keeping your community safe: How ultrapure water helps researchers at the University of Leipzig support the important work of police and prosecutors in criminal cases.

High quality ultrapure is required for some of the most water critical applications such as:

  • DNA extraction from samples & trace materials
  • Real-time PCR for quantifying DNA

Researchers at the Forensic Genetics department at the University of Leipzig carry out a variety of genetic analyses to provide evidence to support criminal cases.

This case study covers:

  1. The  wide range of immunological and molecular biology techniques that rely on high quality ultrapure water
  2. How ultrapure water from different water purification systems can impact lab experiments
  3. The benefits of using water from PURELAB® Quest

To find out more on why forensic scientists at the University of Leipzig recommend the PURELAB® Quest, download this important case study today by filling in the form below.


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