PURELAB® Chorus 3


Modular. Flexible. Reliable.

Reliable delivery of Type III water purity. When general laboratory grade water is all you need, then PURELAB Chorus 3 is the reliable solution with the flexibility to suit your requirements. Range of storage reservoirs designed to maintain optimum purity of stored purified water in a choice of 15, 30, 60 and 100 liter capacities.

Tech Specs
Product Specifications PURELAB Chorus 3 - 10 l/hr PURELAB Chorus 3 - 20 l/hr PURELAB Chorus 3 - 30 l/hr
Dispense flowrate 10 l/hr 20 l/hr 30 l/hr
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) >95% rejection >95% rejection >95% rejection
Organics (TOC) <50 ppb <50 ppb <50 ppb
Bacteria <50 CFU/ml <50 CFU/ml <50 CFU/ml
pH Effectively neutral Effectively neutral Effectively neutral
Particles >99% rejection >99% rejection >99% rejection
Daily usage (max) 240 l/day 480 l/day 720 l/day
Daily usage (min) 10 l/day 10 l/day 10 l/day
Delivery flow rate
Case studies
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Composite Vent Filter
Composite Vent Filter
Part Number
Life expectancy
6 months
Impurities Removed
Impact of Overuse

Increase in airborne contaminants and potential recontamination of purified water

Pre-treatment pack render image
Pre-treatment Pack
Part Number
Life expectancy
6 months
Impact of Overuse

Chlorine, chloarmine and organics remain, increasing the burden on downstream consumables which will need more frequent and expensive changes

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis
Part Number
Life expectancy
24-36 months
Impact of Overuse

High levels of organics and inorganics remain in the water reducing the functional life of the DI pack

Product Accessories
15 liter reservoir
PURELAB® Reservoir 15 l

Capacity: 15 liters

Dimensions: 470 (h) x 376 (w) x 340 (d)

Flow Rate: 6 l/min

30 liter reservoir
PURELAB® Reservoir 30 l

Capacity: 30 liters

Dimensions: 660 (h) x 376 (w) x 340 (d) 

Flow Rate: 8 l/min

60 liter reservoir
PURELAB® Reservoir 60l

Capacity: 60 liters

Dimensions: 570 (h) x 532 (w) x 522 (d)

Flow Rate: 10 l/min

100 liter reservoir
PURELAB® Reservoir 100l

Capacity: 100 liters

Dimensions: 806 (h) x 532 (w) x 522 (d)

Flow Rate: 10 l/min

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