The BIOPURE 7/15 has been designed to deliver compliant purified water at the point of use for a wide range of washer disinfectors and autoclaves to minimize contamination risk to patients.

Provides 7 or 15 liters/hr of biopure water at a price that is comparable to purified bottled water without the hassle of continual ordering and storage. The BIOPURE 7/15 is cost-effective and is more environmentally friendly than traditional distillation units. The unit’s compact size allows it to be positioned on or under a bench, wall mounted or fitted into a cabinet. A manual fill option is available via a dispensing gun for filling autoclaves, washer disinfectors, and manual washing.

  • Cost effective – provides the convenience of on-demand pure water at a price comparable with purified bottled water
  • SSpace-saving– the BIOPURE’S compact size means that it can be positioned under a bench, wall mounted or fitted into a cabinet
  • Guaranteed bacterial specification, provided by integrated purification technologies combined with easy system disinfection
  • Water specification is maintained in the reservoir by regular recirculation through the purification technologies
BIOPURE 7 15 Water Purifier for Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BIOPURE?

BIOPURE is a water purification system providing RO and Type 2 water with a 0.25 micron endotoxin specification. BIOPURE has optional consumables which enable the product to meet your water quality needs.

Why do you need an endotoxin spect with RO and type 2 water?

Some applications do not require high water quality (with regards to ionic water content), however, the presence of bacteria and endotoxins can have detrimental effects on results. Biopure is especially useful for feeding washers.

What is BIOPURE 7/15?

BIOPURE 7/15 is the smallest product in the range producing 7-15L/hr.

Product SpecificationsBIOPURE 7/15
Dispense flowrate 7, 15 l/h
Bacteria <1 CFU/10ml
Bacterial endotoxin <0.25 EU / ml
Delivery flow rate Up to 2 l / min at 1 bar

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