Quest Case Study - Columbia University

Quest Case Study Columbia Uviversity ELGA LabWaterA new lease of life: How ultrapure water is helping with research into effective new ways to prevent cardiovascular disease at Columbia University

High quality ultrapure is required for some of the most water critical applications such as:

  • Preparation of buffers and solutions for molecular biology techniques including RNA extraction and lipid extraction

Researchers at the Department of Medicine at Columbia University are studying  the regulation of cholesterol and triglyceride to find new ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

This case study covers:

  1. The research work being carried out including measuring changes to specific genes and lip extraction
  2. The challenges the team faced in the past due to unreliable source of ultrapure water
  3. The benefits of using water from PURELAB® Quest

To find out more on how PURELAB® Quest is enabling world-leading research into lipid metabolism at Columbia University, download this important case study today by filling in the form below.


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