Quest Case Study - University of Manchester

Manchester University Quest Case Study ELGA LabWaterClean water for a clean future: How ultrapure is helping with the exciting work on water decontamination at the University of Manchester.

High quality ultrapure is a critical reagent in a number of laboratory techniques including:

  • The development of graphene-based membranes for cleaning up contaminated industrial water

Scientists at the Department of Chemical Engineering & Analytical Science at the National Graphene Institute (NGI)- University of Manchester are developing a range of applications including the development of graphene-based membrane for water filtration and other projects.

This case study covers:

  1. The research work into various molecular separation techniques such as forward/reverse osmosis which is used to study the performance of  graphene based membrane
  2. The challenges the team faced in the past due to unreliable source of ultrapure water
  3. The benefits of using water from PURELAB® Quest

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