The PURELAB Prima is ideal for feeding ultra-pure water systems and for a wide range of laboratory applications including glassware washing, autoclave feed and for use in environmental cabinets.
  • Delivers up to 30 litres an hour of type III (RO) water
  • Up to 98% rejection of inorganics using reverse osmosis
  • Suitable for applications requiring type III water quality
  • Low operational and consumable costs
  • Compact size makes it suitable to be installed under a bench or mounted on a wall
  • Easy to maintain
  • Full service and validation support
Product SpecificationsPrima 7Prima 15Prima 30
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) up to 98% rejection up to 98% rejection up to 98% rejection
Organics (TOC) >99% rejection <50 ppb >99% rejection
Bacteria <5 CFU/ml <5 CFU/ml <5 CFU/ml
Particles >99% rejection >99% rejection >99% rejection
Silica 30 ppm 30 ppm 30 ppm
Delivery flow rate
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The product ensure an high quality water for lab use even for HPLC assay. The price was highly competitive respect to the competitors and the product is very easy to use. Moreover consumable are cheaper than the competitors

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