The PURELAB Pulse is the cost-effective choice for laboratories that require higher output volumes, especially in hard water areas. Applications range from sample dilution and reagent preparation, cell culture, media preparation and glassware washing.

Incorporates patented ‘Pulse Technology’ using Electrodeionization (EDI) to provide a constant supply of high purity water at economical running costs. No costly resin replacement. Unique integral recirculation ensures optimum pure water quality at the point of dispense. Improved laboratory productivity – longer periods between sanitization along with quick and easy replacement of consumables reduces maintenance time. Easy to access whether wall or bench mounted, with a convenient dispense tap. The systems can be used with our wrap-around reservoir to minimize space whilst optimizing purity.

  • Delivers up to 20 liters an hour of type II water
  • EDI technology is used to deliver high-quality reliable water
  • Up to 15 MΩ-cm, type II water suitable for general laboratory applications
  • Unique recirculating EDI Type II system guarantees water quality at dispense
  • Space-saving wrap around the reservoir
  • Easy to maintain
  • Full service and validation support
Product SpecificationsPulse 1Pulse 2
Dispense flowrate 1.0 l / min-nominal (less with POU filter) 1.0 l / min-nominal (less with POU filter)
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) 10 to >15 MΩ-cm 10 to >15 MΩ-cm
Organics (TOC) <20 ppb <20 ppb
Bacteria <1 CFU/10ml <1 CFU/10ml
pH Effectively neutral Effectively neutral
Particles Optional 0.2 μm POU filter Optional 0.2 μm POU filter
Silica <30 ppm <30 ppm
Delivery flow rate
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