PURELAB® Option-S/R 7/15

The PURELAB Option-S and PURELAB Option-R provide Type II+/ Type II pure water on demand with a wide range of flow-rates to suit your needs. Applications range from glassware washing and the feeding of ultrapure water systems to cell culture and media preparation. The PURELAB Option-R provides additional bacteria and inorganic quality for your more critical applications.

The popular choice for everyday laboratory work, with flow rates from 7 to 60 liters per hours.

The PURELAB® Option-S/R is ideal for multiple purification technologies in combination with recirculation  feature producing high-quality general laboratory grade water of double distilled quality or better

  • Delivers market leading microbial performance. In addition to simple sanitization and composite vent filtration, the PURELAB Option-S/R system is the only fully recirculating Type II+ pure water system on the market, ensuring high specification water
  • Features ‘Reverse Osmosis feed optimized’ resin mixes to increase the ion exchange capacity of consumables and minimize running costs
  • Quick and easy sanitization and replacement of consumables to reduce maintenance time
  • PURELAB Option systems are designed to be easy to access whether wall or bench mounted with a convenient dispense tap. They can be used with our wrap-around reservoirs to save space whilst optimizing purity


Product SpecificationsOption-R 7Option-R 7Option-R 15Option-R 15
Dispense flowrate 1,0 l/min-nominal (weniger mit POU-Filter) 1.0 l/min-nominal (less with POU filter 1,0 l/min-nominal (weniger mit POU-Filter) 1.0 l/min-nominal (less with POU filter)
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) 10 bis >15 MΩ.cm 10 to >15 MΩ-cm 10 bis >15 MΩ.cm 10 to >15 MΩ-cm
Organics (TOC) <20 ppb <20 ppb <20 ppb <20 ppb
Bacteria <1 KBE/ml <1 CFU/ml &lt;1 KBE/ml <1 CFU/ml
Bacterial endotoxin - - - -
pH Effektiv neutral Effectively neutral Effektiv neutral Effectively neutral
Particles Optionaler 0,2 µm POU-Filter Optional 0.2µm POU filter Optionaler 0,2 µm POU-Filter Optional 0.2µm POU filter
Silica 30 ppm 30 ppm 30 ppm 30 ppm
DNase - - - -
RNase - - - -
Delivery flow rate
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