Product Software Updates: Keep up-to-date

Both our PURELAB Chorus and PURELAB flex can be customized to suit the way that you work. You simply need to select the settings that you need and download them to your system.

Keep up-to-date with the latest software for your PURELAB Chorus or your PURELAB flex. Make sure that you are not left behind in technological innovations. Check out the most recent software version below. Below you will find details on the latest version. With the PURELAB flex you can even customize your settings to suit the way that you work in your lab. 

For the PURELAB Chorus, simply download the file onto a USB stick and insert this into the product to install the software. To access the file download from this site, you will need to leave us a few details. Don't worry this will only be used by ELGA and representatives to follow up that you are happy with your software download.

To get started, simply choose your product below.


Direct Download for


Customize your

PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete - Latest Software


 PURELAB flex - Customize your product


Version Number: 2.0.3
 Version Number: 1.3.0
Issued: September 2015


If you need more help please contact Product Support by clicking here and completing the form.