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I thought that blog readers should be among the first to be aware of a new type of water recently mentioned in the New Scientist – Sexy Water. This was spotted at the Perth Garden Festival. It is a brand name for water that is “hydrogen-rich, micro-clustered and electrolysed reduced”. Apparently, it will improve your health, your looks and the shelf-life of your food.

It can be added to the long list of other “waters” which have appeared over the years, including:

Iceberg Water

Unspoilt ice that has naturally detached from the Canadian Arctic ice shelf and travelled to the Newfoundland coastline is used as the source of Iceberg Water.

Solar-powered Healing Water

Exposing tap water in glass bottles to sunshine “energises it, and makes it more alkaline, softer and taste better,”

Water with Added Oxygen

The dissolved oxygen content of water can be increased to some extent by pressurising the water with oxygen gas under pressure. Drinking bottled water made in this way is claimed to offer a number of health benefits, linked, essentially, to the life-supporting properties of oxygen. 

Magnetic Water

Bi-polar magnetized water (treated with both North and South poles) is reported to be the most often used form of Magnetized Water for alleviating many common ailments. Magnetized Water is claimed to be “wetter and therefore more penetrating, furthering better assimilation of the various nutrients and vitamins in cells.”

Radio-wave Energised Water

Water treated by continuously applying an electromagnetic radio signal via either a submersed, inline or hollow antennae can then be used to irrigate crops. The technology is claimed to massively increase the output of vegetables and fruit.   “It also makes plants “largely disease resistant”, renders genetic modification “obsolete” and addresses the global warming problem by “converting excess CO2 into edible plant mass”.

Structured and Restructured Water

After filtering out pollutants, vortexing in a clockwise direction is used to remove the “memory of the pollutants in the water and for the water to regain its natural layered structure, re-energising it”

Hexagonal Water

Far infrared energy, magnetic fields, vortices, and turbulence are used to create an oxygen-rich, alkaline, energized and uniquely structured hexagonal water, which is composed of six individual molecules of water, held together by common hydrogen bonds.
Reportedly, "biological organisms prefer the six-sided (hexagonal) ring-structure, found naturally in snow water” in contrast to "most tap water and bottled water which is composed of large water conglomerates that are too big to move freely into the cells and must be re-structured within the body to penetrate the cells.”


H2Om the world's first interactive water. “While you drink, use the words on the label as the driving force in creating your own intention. Visualize great, extraordinary, vivid, mental creations, for your good, for the good of mankind and for the good of the planet. Drink in the thoughts as you absorb the crystal clear vibrationally charged spring water of H2Om, then resonate the positive energy throughout your day.” 

and last, but not least, our favorite type of water:

Ultrapure Water - The Most Important Type Of Water In The Laboratory

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