1 Dec 2019
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Screening Formulations for New 3D Printed Wound Healing Materials

3D Skin CellA new study investigates a fast, simple and cost-effective new platform for evaluating the impa

3D Skin Cell
18 Nov 2019
30 Apr 2019
Water Purity, Cool Science
New Synthetic Cannabinoid Discovered in ‘e-liquids’ for Clectronic Cigarettes

New synthetic cannabinoid discovered in ‘e-liquids’ for electronic cigarettes 

eCigarettes Compound Analysis

Electronic Cigarettes Compound Analysis
30 Apr 2019
Analytical Chemistry, Science of the Future
Using hair samples to monitor exposure to alternative plasticisers

Monitoring harmful exposure

Hair Sample HPLC PURELAB Flex

Hair Sample HPLC PURELAB flex
14 Mar 2019
Water Purity, Water In The Lab
USP 643: the Wrong End of the Stick!
In this blog we show that TOC of highly purified water (such as ultra-pure), can be determined by internal purification-process monitoring, to ensure that USP/EP standards are met, as well as by using an additional TOC analyser designed to nominally achieve Pharmacopoeia ‘System Suitability’ requirements
USP 643 Toc Measurement Water