The LabWater Specialists

ELGA LabWater specializes in delivering water purification systems for research, science, clinical and healthcare environments. Our pure and ultrapure water purification systems can provide a few liters or several thousands of liters of water per day.  Our 50 years of experience means we can reliably and consistently deliver your water so you can focus on your research.


After only two days storage, pure bottled water begins to show impurities.  Contamination also occurs if bottled purified water is reused after opening.

What happens if... fit additional plastic tubing to your pure water dispenser?  It can cause contamination as water is dispensed.

What's important in maintaining water purity:

  • Good lab practise
  • Adequate maintenance
  • Regular monitoring of purity levels
  • An easy to use dispenser
  • Dispensing only when you need it
  • Dispensing only the amount you need