Total confidence in your pure water system

We recognise that a fundamental element in designing or upgrading a laboratory is planning space and equipment needs for critical services, such as gases and high-purity water.

75 years of innovation experience

At ELGA we have applied our expertise gained from 75 years of innovation in water purification technologies, to design CENTRA.  CENTRA is a complete water purification, storage and distribution system packaged into a single unit.  The CENTRA design overcomes the limitations of traditional central water purification systems to deliver consistent water purity, flexibility and economy.

Total confidence in your Pure Water System.

ELGA’s CENTRA offering is available in two families:

  1. The Centralized Distribution Systems – distribute pre-purified water
  2. The Centralized Purification and Distribution Systems – first purifies and then distributes the purified water

All built in purification technologies are controlled by a central processor with audio-visual alarm warnings, an internal leak detection alarm and connection to building management systems.

ELGA dedicated resources

Prior to installation a dedicated team of ELGA project engineers will work with you to develop a designed engineered solution.  Every ELGA product is backed by a global service structure, ensuring your system remains cost-effective and delivers pure water during its entire life time.

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