Find a Water Purification System to Meet Your Application

Water is one of the major components used in many different applications performed in laboratories. It is vital to use the correct water grade or quality to match the required procedures or appliances.

Water quality is dependent on the combination of water technologies used to effectively remove contaminants to levels required for critical applications. Validating quality, storing water and system maintenance is also essential to ensure you have the water quality you need.

ELGA have designed water purification systems to meet the different water qualities used in laboratories. You can check out a full list of our products either in our Quick Reference Product Guide, or in the table below.

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Need a quick overview of our products? Our Quick Reference Product Guide can help.

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Find Your Ideal System

Below you will find a list of our products categorized by the water purity that you can achieve. If you know which water purification system is suitable for your needs, select your product by name. You can also use our Product Selector to find your ideal system based on your application and daily usage.

Type I+/I

The purest of ultrapure water, required for some of the most critical laboratory applications.

Type II+/II

Essential for general laboratory applications and those requiring higher inorganic purity.

Type III (RO)

Typically recommended for non-critical work and as feed to Type I systems. General science applications

Storage Units

It is likely that you will not need to dispense water all the time so make use of an ELGA storage unit.


Clinical Diagnostics

Water quality needs to meet the highest CLRW grade for clinical diagnostics.


Meeting the requirements of increasing regulations for reusable medical equipment.


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