Abbott Diagnostics South Asia, part of Abbott Laboratories, recommends ELGA's MEDICA series of high flow water purification systems for use with its automated diagnostic instruments.

The analysis of polar ice cores allows investigators to study atmospheric consituents over a long time scale as the properties of most aerosol compounds remain unaltered in the ice.

ELGA needed to supply high volume consistent quality CLRW standard pure water to high throughput clinical laboartory analyzers at the DASA facility in Sao Paolo.

The reliability of the PURELAB Pulse provides pure water for a wide range of facilities and equipment throughout the customer site.

A number of laboratories found in private and public institutions, provide high standards of modern research methods and require the latest technology and the highest purity of water.

A number of techniques are used in the molecular genetics laboaratory for which Type I ultrapure water is essential.

To meet the wide range of user applications, 20 ELGA PURELAB® Option-Q water purification systems were required to meet the demanding specific water quality standards.

Silicone wafers are used to build moulds for use in microfluidics and it is essential that they are cleaned with Type II water before use.

Immune-serology laboratories often process large numbers of samples and require consistent ultrapure water delivered to connected analyzers.