How age takes its toll on your water purification system

Water purification is no new concept. In fact, as early as 2000 BC, the Ancient Greeks were writing about the benefits of boiling water to purify it. Without a doubt, water purification has come a long way since then and relies not on one, but multiple technologies, to ensure the purest water.

Here at ELGA, we build our systems to last, but, it goes without saying, that (like the best of us) time will take a toll on your machine. Bacteria build-up in pipes, incompatible software and leaching are just three problems to look out for.

Check out more in this retro infographic on how age takes its toll on your water purification system.

ELGA: How age takes its toll on your water purification system. (1) Pumps can perish with regular use; (2) Flexible plastic can degrade and release organics into your water; (3) Translucent quartz parts can become cloudy, reducing the effectiveness of the UV technology. UV light can also degrade seals; (4) Constant pressure can wear out pipes ; (5) Bacteria build up in pipes, requiring cleaning and maintenance; (6) Electronics become hard to source as suppliers stop making parts; (7) PCBs become unreliable; (8) Seals can leak and fittings can fail; (9) software becomes incompatible with new technology.




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